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Response Dimensions

LOA 8.7 metres
LWL 7.19 metres
Beam 3.15 metres (max)
Draft 0.45
Displacement w/out engine 1.1 tonnes
Compliment 4 - 6 persons
Speed 30 - 50 knots depending on power configuration
Range Nominal 6 hrs @ cruising speed

General Information  

The RESPONSE 8.7m rib provides a synergy between rugged composite engineering, progressive design style and practical marine experience. Utilising an epoxy e-glass laminate with Corecell foam, the RESPONSE is extremely light yet incredibly strong.

By using high performance resins and fibres in the construction, and engineering every component with weight reduction and maximum strength as a design criteria, dk have produced a fully functioned, extremely versatile vessel, that is equally at home in a tough offshore environment as it is on a day trip for a picnic on the lake.

Concentration on weight reduction and low center of gravity has allowed dk to give you a boat that planes quickly and is exciting and stable in high-speed manoeuvres. As well as being easier to tow and launch, with the radar mast down and the tubes deflated the whole boat fits in to a standard container or back of a HIAB truck.

The low rolled out tube position, not only gives the RESPONSE great stability and a gentle motion at rest but allows it to be used effectively in a swell as a tender for any vessel ranging from super cruisers to racing yachts.

The enclosed steering position of the RESPONSE give ultimate protection from the tough environments this boat is used in. The custom curve moulded windscreen and high seat position give the driver the ultimate feeling of control for difficult manoeuvres. Wipers and fresh water spray give confidence even in the most trying conditions, while the open back and sliding side screen allow for fresh air circulation in climates closer to the equator.


Design by Byrne Naval Architects