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Farr® 52 Dimensions

LOA 15.85 m 52.00ft
LWL 13.87 m 45.50 ft
Beam 4.44 m 14.57 ft
Draft 3.25 m 10.66 ft
Displacement 9, 20,277 lbs
Ballast 5,082 kg 11,206 lbs



Carbon fibre epoxy composite. Wet pre-preg, post cured low density "super light" balsa in high load areas forward
Corecell foam: various density
Composite keel SG iron and lead epoxy coated and faired
Aluminium structural frame for rig/keel loads
Deck painted with linear polyurethane paint, top side painted with
linear polyurethane paint in owners colours
Bottom faired and primed in barrier coat epoxy


Diesel engine: Yanmar 4JHC-C3 Turbo diesel 56 HP
Yanmar Saildrive
Dual alternators: 115 AH and 55AH
Two blade geared folding Briski prop 16" Dia
Fuel tank 45 gallon aluminium
Fuel Filter and Water separator RACOR 500 (or equal)
Spinlock single removal short lever throttle and clutch control


12 VOLT AC system
12 VOLT DC distribution panel
Battery condition meter
Circuit breakers of appropriate ampage
Ammeter, Voltmeter
Main battery switch: Battery 1 , Battery 2
Engine start switch (1)
Ship service: 2 (each) X 4D 180 AMP hour lead acid
Engine start: 1 (each) X M27MF 90 AMP hour
Emergency crossover switch house batteries to engine start
Alternators: 55 AMP for engine battery
115 AMP for ship service battery (see engine)
ORC approved running lights
Red and white dome lights: General information
Dome lights & spot lights

Plumbing, Stove and Refrigeration

Water tanks: 2 Bladders- 40 GAL. each
Cold pressure water system
Double galley sink
Vanity sink in head(1)
Manual bildge pumps:
Diaphragm pump below deck- Whale Gusher 10 GPM
Diaphragm pump in cockpit - Whale Gusher 10 GPM
Electric 12 Volt pump below deck
Marine heads (1) W / Holding tank & overboard discharge
Flush seacocks on all openings below DWL
Stove: 3-Burner custom ultra-light racing model

Deck Hardware

Winches: (Anodised black)
Lifelines: Upper & lower 1 X 19 S/S WIRE
Stainless steel bow , sternrail and stanchions
Spinlock clutch XX0812 for centre, main, and wing halyards
Spinlock rope clutches for for controls
Cunningham lead aft for to helmsman
Hydraulic outhaul mainsheet: 2:1 lead under deck to
pedestal winch.
Primary pedestal: Harken (1)
Mainsheet pedestal: Harken (1)
Mainsheet traveller :1 led under deck to trimmer
Jib inhaul: Multipart lead to cabin winch
Hatches and ventilation:
Foredeck hatch (1) Lewmar
Opening ports (4) Lewmar


Carbon rudder and stock
Custom carbon fibre radial drive
Custom rudder bearings upper & lower
Emergency tiller: Aluminium
Custom carbon fibre wheels port & starboard 40"
Dual steerers chain/vectran to custom carbon quadrant
Steering compasses 4" DIA: Suunto B/F 115, 1- port, 1- stb

Spars and Rigging

Custom carbon rig: Fractional
2 sets of carbon fibre spreaders, adjustable sweep angle
Custom adjustable maststep
Hydraulic mast jack integrally mounted in mast butt
powered by portable quick disconnect enerpac pump
Primaries: B560TCR 3 speed top cleat winch(2)
Halyards: B48.2STR 2 speed standard winch (2)
Mainsheet: B560.3STR 3 speed self tailing winch(2)
Backstay winch: B48.2STR 2 speed standard winch (2)
Winch handles: 10" Double grip lock in (4)
10" Single speed grip(2)
Carbon boom
Rod rigging Navtec series 500
Rigging screws OYS RIGGARNA TYPE - Forestay NAVTEC open body
Tuff luff headstay size 3007
Multi functional hydraulic panel W/ 2-speed pump at main trimmer
Vang: hydraulic cylinder
Outhaul: hydraulic cylinder (in boom)
Spinnaker track: 3:1: lift & Harken car
Carbon spinaker pole
Twing lines under deck
Harken black magic blocks used on high load systems
Harken small boat blocks used on control lines
Harken Airtrack used on jib and traveller tracks
All appropriate blocks and hardware for above

Runnning rigging

Main halyard (1) 2:1 double vectrus
Centre halyard (1) double vectrus
Spinnaker halyard (2) double vectrus
Pole lift (1) Spect-Set II
Mainsheet (1) 2:1Spect-Set
Jib sheet (2) Spect-Set II W / Presslock
Spinnaker sheets (2) Spect-Set II W/ SS shackle
After guy (2) T-900 W/ SS shackle
Foreguy (1) 2:1 XLS-900
Trav control (1) Dacron
Cunningham (1) STA-SET X LITE
Jib car travel (2) ARAMID 85T
Jib inhaul (2) SPECTRON


Full One Design class measurement
Deck may be one colour or two-tone
Double bootstripe is standard (if ordered before moulding)
Bottom finished in epoxy ready to sand and paint
Foils are epoxy coated and faired to template
Interior is finished in matte white & clear coat carbon
Composite cabon sole with non-skid
Tail bags in cockpit
Two fixed berths 100MM cushions with adjusting tackle
Four pipe berths with adjusting tackle
Two keel viewing windows in hull
Propeller viewing window in hull
Rudder viewing window in hull


Bottom paint: owners choice of paint
Cradel 2 postion breakdown
Commissioning in Port Dickson
Additional pipe berths
Second carbon spinnaker pole
Electronics per owner's specification
These specifications and dimensions are correct at the time of printing, they are subject to revision without notice.
Final specifications are fixed upon contract


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