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Farr® 52 Dimensions

LOA 15.85 m 52.00ft
LWL 13.87 m 45.50 ft
Beam 4.44 m 14.57 ft
Draft 3.25 m 10.66 ft
Displacement 9, 20,277 lbs
Ballast 5,082 kg 11,206 lbs

General Information  

Among the Pandemonium of Rating Systems, Rules and politics of racing sailboats there is some solace in the notion that there still exists the opportunity to produce a boat that is just plain quick for its size and a joy to sail. It is even more satisfying to find that a high performance boat will be competitive on corrected time with those choosing to be thoroughly optimized to a rule. Design 444, our new 52ft LOA One Design, follows the trend set by the very successful Farr® 40 OD, a thoroughly fast boat for its size and a proven threat under both IMS and IRC rating systems.


The Farr® 52 OD is a moderate to light displacement (DLR 96), powerful boat with a low center of gravity, a generous sail plan and up to the minute appendage design - all the ingredients necessary for some stimulating action on the water. For example, with the masthead spinnaker option, the Farr® 52 OD is faster downwind than the current ILC Maxi World Champion in winds under 5 knots and over 20 knots and faster downwind than the CML 60 in all wind strengths. The all-carbon hull construction, combined with a cast steel keel fin, lead bulb and minimal internal ballast (just enough to allow tuning the total weight to the One Design limit), generates a 54% ballast ratio for high stability and scintillating upwind speed. The hull shape is long and lean and benefits from the results of our extensive research and testing in support of IACC and Volvo Ocean 60 designs.

Exhilarating Sailing

VPP comparisons of performance versus rating between the Farr® 52 OD and other top IMS designs around the same size are encouraging for those wishing to collect silverware in IMS regattas prior to or in parallel with proposed One Design activity. Around an upwind/downwind course the Farr® 52 OD will be 30 to 50 seconds a mile faster upwind and 23 to 50 seconds a mile faster downwind (with standard fractional IMS spinnaker) than a typical optimal IMS 50 footer, course times equivalent to a 58ft IMS boat. This huge performance gap will provide the 52 OD crew with the potential to stretch out from the current IMS 50 fleet while having some exhilarating sailing and thoroughly competitive corrected times. In offshore events such as the Newport/Bermuda, the 52 OD will be a serious IMS contender.


The rig, with swept spreaders, short-footed headsail and no running backstays, has proven its place on the racing scene in terms of its simplicity, economy and performance versus rating. Great care is taken in deriving the tube stiffness that will make tuning the rig a simple task. A large, racing cockpit with twin wheels and pedestals for both the main and primary winches offers the crew a wide-open yet tidy workplace. Accommodation below is minimal, consistent with requirements for longer distance offshore events.


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