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Farr® 40 dimensions

LOA 12.41 m 40.72ft
LWL 10.75 m 35.72 ft
Beam 4.03 m 13.22 ft
Draft 2.60 m 8.53ft
Displacement 4, 10,902 lbs
Ballast 2,250 kg 4,960 lbs

General Information  

Designed by Farr Yacht Design, Ltd., built by Carrol Marine and DK Yachts, administered and marketed by Farr International Inc., there is no better pedigree for a modern offshore one design. These are the people that brought you the Mumm 30, Mumm 36 and Corel 45 - three of the most successful yachts of the decade. They are defined by what you, the owners, wanted in your racing boats. It can be summed up in one sentence..."Fast, user-friendly sailing in a value-for-money One Design, with strong class support and a proven winning record in handicap fleets." If that's the kind of sailing your looking for, come to the team with a track record for proving it.


When you are talking fast, you have to be talking Farr. The man and his team have dominated international yacht racing for the last two decades, it's as simple as that.

User Friendly

Sailing the Farr® 40 is a lesson in how advanced technology can yield simplicity of function with high performance. From the carbon fibre runner-less rig, through the clean deck layout and elegant interior, you will appreciate the care, though and attention to detail that has gone into this yacht.

Great Value

This boat is better than good value, it's great value and your investment is protected by the One Design rule which ensures healthy resale values.

One Design

From the beginning the Farr® 40 has had a set of strict One Design rules in place. Managed by Farr International Inc., they are rules designed for owners, for fair and even sailing. Your needs and suggestions are reflected in the rules for example, having an owner driver rule. All have to be amateur drivers, meet other stringent Class criteria and be approved by a class review panel. This rule is one example, others are the limitation on professional crew members to four and predetermining owners weight so that an owner does not need to weigh in.

Class Association

Any One Design needs a strong class association to promote its interests and to protect its One Design. The Farr® 40 Class Association ensures that the class is run according to the consensus of the owners' wishes that there is a cost effective, fun racing class.

A Modern Grand Prix Type Yacht

The yacht was designed to offer fast, exhilarating, cost controlled, fun sailing for owners driving yachts. It was designed to be fully compatible with the IMS rule and highly competitive yet has not exploited current formulation in directions that encourage better handicap at the expense of speed. This results in a concept that has lighter displacement, higher stability and more sail area than is typical in present IMS optimized boats.

These attributes ensure a boat that is safe, fun and one with exceptional performance relative to its size. A true Grand Prix boat, and one which should remain competitive in an ever changing rating rule environment. Despite these concessions for performance over handicap, the yacht's record under the IMS rule has been most impressive.


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